Promotion and Relegation!!!

Alright, MotorStormers !!!
This is how promotion and Relegation works! 

On Race Day 1, the League will be split into 2 Groups based on the overall points of the last season.  

Both Groups get the same amount of points for their finishes, no tier points.  

The top 6 from both groups will meet each other on Race Day 2, this time earning 25 tier points on that race day.  

The Bottom 6 from both groups race in tier 2 on Race Day 2. They get no tier points.  

Every Race Day, starting from Race Day 2, the bottom 4 Racers from tier 1 will get relegated to tier 2 for the next week. 

The Top 4 from tier 2 will get promoted to tier 1 the next week.

That's how it works ...