How To Host a Rock & Roll Motor Sport Competition...

Whether it's the World Series of the Motor Bowl, you may be called upon to host a tier.  On this page, we'll break down hosting step by step.  

1.  The two different kinds of hosts.  

First you got  your Race Day Host, then you have your back up host.  

A Race Day host has to invite all his tier members, keep track of their finishes, and enforce the rules. When the Race Day is over, he has to send the results to the league Commissioner, the RockandRollKydd.  To do this, he or she can use the Race Result Form page on this website.  

The back up host only has to keep track of the results.  He does not have to send them in unless there is a dispute about the results.  In that case he may be asked to send in the results so he or she should keep those results in case. 

The back up host might, however, take over for the regular host.  If the host doesn't start the room in time, the back up has to start inviting people.  If the host arrives late, in the middle of warm ups or the middle of actual races, he can then take over.  

If the host doesn't show up at all, then the back up host has to take over all the responsibilities.

2.  Starting the Lobby.

The World Series of Motor Storm starts 12 pm noon Eastern Time, USA.  

The Motor Bowl starts at 10 PM Eastern Time, USA.

These are the times the Lobbies have to be started.  Send out invites to all your tier members.  

You then warm up for fifteen minutes, doing any tracks you want.  Including the tracks your racing.

At 12:15 for the World Series, warm ups end.  The Real racing starts.  If some one has not made it, start without them.  They can join later.  Don't replace them however, only World Series Racers can race in the league.

At 10:15, Warm ups for the Motor Bowl end and the tournament begins.  Again, don't wait for anybody, start the race, they can join later.  Don't replace them, only Motor Bowlers can race.

3.  Know the tracks and Tier Members.

The schedule appears in the drop down menu of the World Series Page.  Write it down for the race day.

The active roster appears on the World Series Page.  Write down all the names so you know who to invite.  Although, the Commissioner will probably update you over the Play Station Network.

3.  Keep track of the Finishes.

No body has to do any math, but you have to keep track of everybody's finishes for ever race.  

You can do this with a pen and paper or with a digital camera.  It's your choice, but be sure to get right on that as soon as you cross the finish line.  

4.  Give a 5 minute break.

In the World Series, you need to give out a 5 minute break after Race 4.  

In the Motor Bowl, after Race 5.  

If someone needs a break before then, it's up to the host.  If he feels like it's a good reason, so be it.  If he feels like it can wait, it's his call.

After the 5 minute break, it's right back to the racing, no waiting for anybody.  Unless the host thinks it's important.

5.  Enforcing the rules.

Theres no Glitching in the Series or the Bowl.  There are also some banned routes.  And if a Tier member is being abusive or Dick-Headed, that's not allowed.

If this happens once, warn him.  Tell the Commissioner after the race day.  If it happens again kick him out of the lobby.  Learn how to do that.  

The league will handle it from there.  If you don't see the incident yourself, tell the Commish, he'll start an investigation.  

6.  Send in the results.

After the race is over, you'll have 24 hours to get the results to the Commissioner.  Please don't wait any longer.  The website can't be updated until you do.

That's it for hosting ...