Hold On To Your Dicks, Motor Stormers !!!

Because the same guys that brought you the World Series of MotorStorm are bringing you something completely different !!!

Rock & Roll Motor Sports proudly brings to you, the Motor Bowl !!!

What's that?  It's the sound of you crapping your pants!

The Motor Bowl is a hardcore style tournament that crowns a new Champion every Sunday at 10 PM Eastern Time USA!  

One Night!  10 Tracks!  It's a marathon session of broken bones and dreams!  Every Single Motor Bowl is where your heart goes to get murdered !!!

And this website is where you can follow all the action!  Here, you can find out what Tracks the next Bowl is being run on, who's racing in it, and hit up the forum to see what's on everybody's mind ...

You know what else?  Because we're so twisted... We might even let you sign up.  We might actually do that!  We might actually let one of our lucky fans share our pain!

So take a look around, it's your funeral ...


Motor Bowl V:  Every Picture Tells a Story!
Results  ...

Tier 1
1.  Wild Heart                            93 pts

2.  Country Boy Racer                   92 pts
3.  Sice                                         86 pts
4.  Elixus                                        86 pts
5.  Chigro                                         74 pts
6.  Jagerade                                       71 pts
7.  Dr.  Sick Pickle                                  65 pts
8.  Mo Joe                                              55 pts
9.  RockandRollKydd                                    54 pts
10.  It's Me T                                                  51 pts
11.  Della Mae                                                   39 pts
12.  Aussie Silver Bac                                             17 pts

Tier 2 Results Pending ....

Projected Roster for Motor Bowl VI ...
All Names Appear as Playstation ID's to help the Race Night Hosts.

The Tier 1 Motor Bowl

1.  Jagerade
2.  It's_Me_T
3.  WildHeart90
4.  RockandRollKydd
5.  Dr-SickPickle
6.  CountryboyRacer
7.  Elixus
8.  DellaMae
9.  XXMoJoe
10.  Chigro
11.  AussieSilverBac
12.  Sice

Tier 2

Racers Pending ...

Roster is Subject to Change.  RockandRollKydd Will host the Tier 1 Motor Bowl.

WildHeart90 will be his back up.


Wild Heart 3peats ...
Shocks the Balls and Ass of the Motor Bowl World ...

Motor Bowl 5 was the Story of 2 racers.  Wild Heart, named after after his wiley, never-say-die attitude, and Country Boy Racer, named after being born in the country and having an interest in racing ...  

The gate dropped on Caldera Ridge and these 2 kept going at it until Rip Tide.  

Who won the Motor Bowl?  We'd say the fans won ...

The fans won ...

Sice took Caldera Ridge for the second time in his career.  Wild heart was nipping at his heels.  

On MudSlide, the Racers who didn't wreck got rewarded.  Nobody was rewarded more than Jager.  

Things got interesting on Cascade Falls.  Sice sent the RockandRollKydd on two wheels on the last lap.  Having watched many Starsky and Hutch episodes before the Bowl, Kydd was able to right himself.  But the damage had been done.  Country Boy grabbed gold on Cascade.

"CBR got lucky!"  Screamed an Angry Kydd at the post race press confrence.  "I was getting ready to make my move!"  

This is just another chapter in the disturbing rivalry between the Kydd and Sice.  RockandRoll was accused of cannibalism by Sice just last week.

The Kydd most recently denied the claim on Nancy Grace.

Sice was able to shake off the pressure during the Champions choice bonus round.  He narrowly edged out defending Champ Wild Heart to grab his first ever RockandRoll Motor Sport Championship.  
As we headed into our last 2 races Wild Heart held a sizable lead, with only Country still in his rear view.  ATV Awesomeness set the stage for Country's second to last shot at the Miley Cup.  

But it was all about the RockandRollKydd.  No body could pass the Man they call "EL Diablo Loco."  That was, until the straight away before the final turn.  Country Boy's aggressive driving caused him to spin out, wrecking himself and the Kydd.  Elixus passed them both to put himself in the record books. 

Then there was Rip Tide.  Wild Heart has 8 points on Country.  The difference between first and ninth.  Things looked Grim for Country.  

It looks Grimmer as The RockandRollKydd slams into him on turn 2!  Country recovers, he gets the Kydd back!  But the Kydd wont go down!  The Kydd once again passes Country and trades some paint.  By that time Country had had enough.  With on final slam boost he sends the Kydd tumbling into the pond, hanging out with some Koy fish while the big boys race for the glory.  

T took Tide while Country finished fourth.  11 th place for Wild Heart.  A terrible race for the Aussie but not terrible enough for CBR.

Wild Heart won his third Motor Bowl by 1 point.   

Comgrates Heart!  Motor Bowl VI:  Love is a Battle Field!  Be there!    

Motor Bowl Track List ...

All Regular Tracks are 2 laps for Motor Bowl 6.  

Gonna through that at the wall and see if it's sticky ...
1.  Mud Slide
2.  Engorged
3.  Wild Fire
4.  The Edge
5.  CCBR:  Colossus Canyon!  ATV's!!!  2 laps!!!
6.  The Edge
7.  Wild Fire Volcanic
8.  Badlands Volcanic
9.  ATVA:  To be determined ...
10.  Rain God Spires  
The Motor Bowl: Hold On To Your Dick.