Hold On To Your Dicks, Motor Stormers !!!

Because the same guys that brought you the World Series of MotorStorm are bringing you something completely different !!!

Rock & Roll Motor Sports proudly brings to you, the Motor Bowl !!!

What's that?  It's the sound of you crapping your pants!

The Motor Bowl is a hardcore style tournament that crowns a new Champion every Sunday at 10 PM Eastern Time USA!  

One Night!  10 Tracks!  It's a marathon session of broken bones and dreams!  Every Single Motor Bowl is where your heart goes to get murdered !!!

And this website is where you can follow all the action!  Here, you can find out what Tracks the next Bowl is being run on, who's racing in it, and hit up the forum to see what's on everybody's mind ...

You know what else?  Because we're so twisted... We might even let you sign up.  We might actually do that!  We might actually let one of our lucky fans share our pain!

So take a look around, it's your funeral ...


The Motor Bowl: Hold On To Your Dick.