The World Series of Motor Storm ... Good people ... Doing Bad things to each other ...

Lunatics Unite !!! 

Welcome to Rock and Roll Motorsports!!!
Welcome to the World Series of MotorStorm!!!

Every Thursday at 12 noon, eastern time, the greatest MotorStormers in the world race the tracks of the Pacific Rift!

Hardcore Style!!!  

That means anything goes!  Punching, Ramming, Even Running people over in monster trucks.  But no glitching!  Glitching sucks!

Rock&RollMotorSports.com is your source for any and all information about this league.  Wether it's the latest news about your favorite MotorStormer, Race Day results or even the rule book, this site is where you need to be.  

So take a look around, check out our schedule, hell, sign up for the racing if you think you got the guts!