The Points System

This is the points system for the March 2010, World Series of MotorStorm.

1st place, 12 points
2nd place. 11points
3rd place, 10 points
4th place, 9points
5th place, 8points
6th place, 7points
7th place, 6points
8th place, 5 points
9th place, 4points
10th place, 3points
11th place, 2points
12th place, 1 point

After 4 race nights and 32 races ... The Rooster Cup will be handed out to the World Series Champ!  

Tier Points
  Tier 1 will be awarded 25 pts on every Race Day.  However, on every Race Day, 4 Racers will fall out of Tier 1.  

On the other hand, 4 racers from tier 2 will get promoted into tier 1 on every Race Day.  The following week, they will race in that higher tier, and they will get those 25 tier points.