The Rule Book

We here at Rock&Roll MotorSports don't wanna bum out our fans or racers with a big boring rule book so we'll keep it short and sweet.  Just make sure you read this stuff to avoid confusion on race day. 

It's important to note that know matter what Rock & Roll Motor Sport competition your competing in, this Rule Book applies to it.   

1.  There are no rules!  

Rock & Roll Motor Sports is a Hardcore Organization.  That means people are gonna get hurt and it's gonna be awesome! Punches are okay, ramming is okay and general aggression is encouraged here.

Run someone over, it's fun.

2.  Respect the Hard Core Style.

Our bad, turns out their are rules after all.    

Please know before you take part in our competitions that we race hardcore.  We race dirty basically.  It's not that we're bad people.  We just think it's the way Motor Storm is supposed to be raced.  

We understand if that's not for you.  But please don't make us feel bad about it.  We get enough of that in ranked games.   

3.  Don't be a Dick.  

Rock & Roll Motor Sport racers have to treat each other with respect. Kidding around is fine but there cannot be racism or rude comments.  If any of our racers feel they have been treated in such a way please contact the commissioner, RockandRollKydd. You can do this through the PSN (thats his PSN ID) or through Rock& by using the contact us page on this Site.

We will investigate any accusations and if the party is found guilty by the commissioner, he may be expelled from the league or deducted points.  

This includes interactions on the forum as well as outside Rock & Roll Motor Sport competitions.  When your out on your own, you still represent the league.  

So please be civil with people, even when disagreeing with them. 

4.  If your called upon to host, you have to host.  

The World Series of Motor Storm has multiple tiers.  The Motor Bowl will one day have multiple tiers as well.  The RockandRollKydd will host any tier he is in but some one else has to host the others.

That may be you.  On this website there is a "How to Host" page. 

It is every World Series Racer and Motor Bowler's job to read that Page.  You may be asked to host one day and a lot of Motor Stormers will depend on you to come through for them.

Hosting duties include setting up a custom game, keeping score, and sending the results to the Commissioner within 24 hours of the competition.  

Please read the "How to Host" Page.   

5.  We won't wait for you.   

Concentration and Will Power count in this league.  In order to keep our race nights short and sweet, please go to the bathroom before the races start.  If you can't smoke in your house, either wait till after the races are over or do it before. And if you pick the wrong vehicle before a race, the host will not start that race over.

5.  No Glitching!  

Shortcuts are fine but not if their glitches.  This includes boost exploding on purpose to get more turbo.  Report violations to us with our contact us page.  If investigations find a party guilty he or she may be expelled or face point deductions.  

6.  Banned routes.  

Motor Stormers have found some pretty narly short cuts over the years and we don't wanna stiffle creativity.  So anything's good as long as it's not a glitch.  But there are some murky areas.  Hopefully this section will clear them up.

Razorback- You can go into the river.

Mudslide- You can crash into the gate and press select.  We know it's a glitch but so many racers are going to miss the jump by accident theres no way to police this.  
Sugar Rush- All routes are good here.  

The Rift-  You CANNOT!!! go under the bridge!  This track has to be raced the whole way.  

Cascade Falls-  All routes are good here.  

Colosous Canyon-  All routes are good here.

Hollowed Earth Volcanic- You can't take the short cut up the hill.  If you hit the lava the right way, you can get a faster time. 

Quick Sands- Cant go through the hole in the fence, have to go all the way around.

Reef Runner- You can't do the Monster Truck Glitch.

Badlands-  You can't do the Rally Car Glitch.  ( Hydro Plain.)

7. The Critter Rule. 

If a guy gets kicked off the internet, or has to back out of the lobby because his system freezes up, everyone must back out of the race and invite him back in.  

This does not apply if the race has already started when the player gets kicked.  

The host has to wait a full 2 minutes after the racer quits or gets kicked off.  After those 2 minutes the host has to start the race again.  

The missing racer can be picked up again after the race.  

8.  The 5 Minute Break.

Between the fifth race of the competition, which is always the Champions Choice Bonus Round, and the 6th race, there will be a 5 minute break.

This is necessary, it gives racers a chance to user the bathroom, smoke, attend to their kids, ect. 

After those 5 minutes, the host has to start the next race so make sure your back by then.

9.  No Blowing people up on purpose.

This one is pretty self explanatory.  Don't boost explode on purpose to wreck other motor stormers.  

10.  You need the Speed and Adrenaline Downloadable Content.

You need to have these expansion packs or you can't race race certain tracks.  

Those are all the rules for all the Rock & Roll Motor Sport Competitions.