The World Series of Motor Storm ... Good people ... Doing Bad things to each other ...

Lunatics Unite !!! 

Welcome to Rock and Roll Motorsports!!!
Welcome to the World Series of MotorStorm!!!

Every Thursday at 12 noon, eastern time, the greatest MotorStormers in the world race the tracks of the Pacific Rift!

Hardcore Style!!!  

That means anything goes!  Punching, Ramming, Even Running people over in monster trucks.  But no glitching!  Glitching sucks!

Rock&RollMotorSports.com is your source for any and all information about this league.  Wether it's the latest news about your favorite MotorStormer, Race Day results or even the rule book, this site is where you need to be.  

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Dr. Sick Pickle Achieves the Boy Hood Dream,  
As the RockandRollKydd Drops a Bomb on the Motor Storm World ...

June 17th, 2010, a day that will live in infamy...

As always, there were a million story lines going into the final race day of a World Series season.  The biggest one was the 3 way battle between Pickle, Abomination, Angron13.  

Until the Kydd announced his retirement from Motor Storm, announced that Rock & Roll Motor Sports was shutting down.  

No more World Series after Race Day 4.  No more Motor Bowl after Motor Bowl 6.

At least not under Rock & Roll Motor Sports ...

This came out of now where ...  

The Kydd says that he doesn't have it in him to compete in this brutal sport anymore.  

So there they were, the greatest Racers in the World, stunned that the company they worked so hard for was going under.  They didn't even know if they would be payed, but they had some racing to do ...

A bad internet connection prevented Deputy Commissioner's Country Boy and Cajun from organizing tier 1.  People sat in the stands for hours, not knowing what to do.  finally the RockandRollKydd  was phoned about the problem.  He was dicking around on an empty tier 2 Brimstone with Spookie and Bysey.  He stopped racing as soon as he heard, grabbed Spook, grabbed Bys, grabbed the thousands of tier 2 faithful and said, "Fuck it!  We're going to tier 1!"

And as the Scorpion's "Rock You Like a Hurricane!"  blarred over the PA, they arrived at Tier 1, where the last World Series Race under Rock & Roll Motor Sports would take place.

It was already assured that Pickle would win the Rooster Cup, but that wasn't what this was about anymore, it was about giving the fans what they wanted.  

One last time.  

Yes I Punch, the pride of Germany, grabbed Reef Runner, miles ahead of the RockandRollKydd.

"One of the things I'm gonna miss the most, is watching the back bumper of Punch," Said a teary eyed Kydd.  

The OMG moment of the day?  Dark Fire Swamp, the same track where the biggest wreck in World Series History took place.  Where we saw the Kydd get trampled by every single racer in the field, going from first to 8th.  

That's where Pickle and the Jeykl both wrecked out on the last straight away yesterday.  Where they both tumbled over the finish line.  

Jeykl tumbled over first.  The greatest moment of his career. 

Dr. Sick Pickle wrapped up the Series by winning the last 3 races, including Buggy madness and Colossus Canyon.  Finally, Pickle grabbed the elusive title.  The Rooster Cup.  

The Closing Ceremony was the most emotional Ceremony yet.  Although the RockandRollKydd hopes that this is not the end of the Series, it is certainly the end of an era.  That fact  weighed heavy on the World Series Racers, on the fans.  

RockandRollKydd was the one to hand the Rooster Cup to Pickle.  No one knows exactly what was said on that podium.  But the 2 racers laughed and Bro hugged it out, tears in both their eyes.  

After an unprecedented 20 minute standing ovation, that saw all the Series Regulars and their families join Pickle on the podium, the Rock and Roll Kydd thanked everyone for making the Series what it was.

" I'm gonna try to make sure the Series stays together!  We may not have a Commissioner right now!  But we have some of the best people ever assembled into a Motor Storm Competition.  So I think we'll find one."

"I wanna thank everybody that made this thing what it was.  I had a blast racing with you guys.  Hold Steady!  Stay Positive!  And remember!  Anything is Possible!!!"




Is There a Doctor In the House?
Hell No!  He's in first Place!

It was with heavy hearts the World Series Racers took to the tracks yesterday.  For it turns out, Skippy Walnuts is not dead.  He's still alive, still breathing ...

But in times of such adversity, we put on our Motor Storm'in boots and we keep going at it.  That's what the finest racers in the world did yesterday.

Yes I Punch didn't exactly cruise to victory on Mudslide, he had to battle it out with Country boy and Sick Pickle.  Those points were hard earned but he made his statement.  "I'm the guy to beat!"

Doctor Sick Pickle made the same point on Cascade Falls, on the Edge as well.  It seemed like the Race Day was all about the Pickle, Punch and CBR.  But Angron 13 finally got back to World Series Racing on Badlands.  

Due to a Pass Port snaffu at Pacific Rift International Airport, Angron was not able to attend the first 3 races.  You see, when asked for his Pass Port, Angron simply shrugged and offered the Customs agent a 5 pound bag of weed.  His english is improving, but still not quite there ...  

Although his un-selfish gesture was admired by the customs officer, he had a job to do and a deep cavity search was underway.

But come badlands, that was all in the past.  Angron passed Punch and the Kydd to take first place at the end of lap one.  Although he had 2 of the best Motor Stormers to ever put on a Numskull racing helmut on his tail.  Angron did not surrender the lead, He grabbed yet another gold Medal.  

Sick Pickle would take Paradise Beach, staying ahead of Angron and the Abomination.  His day was an oddly quiet one considering he grabbed 3 medals.  His consistency would net him 109 points and put him on top of the league. 

Sugar Rush would prove to be the RockandRollKydd show.  In no way did the Commissioner have a good race.  He missed the Roof jump 2 out of 3 times, proving Motor Storm Guru, Meat Loaf, very wrong indeed.  He would finish 7th but he would make World Series History. 

The gate was dropped, Bysey takes a Punch to the Face!  Yes I Punch takes a near perfect turn 1, but a punch to the face!  Abomination passed Kydd as they come out of the tube ... If it weren't for the Punch to the Face!  And Finally, Spookie Tooth struggles to get out of 9th place ...

But the RockandRollKydd punches him in the face!  4 World Series racers in 1 unbelievable race!  You would think the Kydd won by the way he ran down the track after the race.  Angron 13 stared in disbelief as the Kydd ran past his podium to reach Spookie Tooth as the paramedics carried him away!

"Ha Ha!  Whip Lash!"  He screamed into the ear of a semi-consious Spookie.

Country Boy Racer would cap off the World Series Race Day by doing something very natural.  No, it wasn't peeing in his race helmut so he wouldn't have to pit, it was coming first on Colossus Canyon.  A feat he already accomplished in the Motor Bowl last sunday.

The World Series was over for the Day.  Pickle had put himself in fist place overall.  Punch is only 5 points behind him.  Only 16 points separates 1st form 5th.  

Now the World Series Racers have Race Day, the only Volcanic Race Day in Motor Sports to look foward too.  

But first!  Buggy Madness.  After a grueling Qualifier, Angron, Abomination and Country Boy were set to make a run at the Shadow Cup.  But DarkFlame and Jus_S2 had other plans.  Quickly, defending Buggy Champ Angron 13 would be bullied into defeat.  After getting slammed into Sugar Cane for the third time, his Buggy was rendered useless.

One by one they all fell until only Flame and Jus remained.  The 2 went toe to toe.  As they went into every turn they exchanged angry looks, middle fingers, purple nurples ...

But it was the Dark Horse!  Jus_S2 is the new King of the Buggy!  

"The biggest Shock in World Series history!" said the RockandRollKydd.  "It goes to show you.  If you believe in your dreams, anything is possible."

Jus didn't have many words.  "It feels great, thanks guys ..."

So that's how Race Day 2 ended.  With Pickle on top of the league and a tier 2 Buggy Champion.  

Stay tuned Boys and Girls.  The Volcano just blew on the Pacific Rift and the World Series Racers are not calling in sick next week !!! 

Tier 1

1.  Dr. Sick Pickle                          109 pts
2.  Country Boy Racer                    96 pts
3.  Yes I Punch                            92 pts
4.  Total Abomination                    91 pts
5.  RockandRollKydd                       83 pts
6.  Angron13                                 82 pts
7.  Spookie Tooth                          76 pts
8.  Bysey                                    74 pts
9.  Jeykl                                       69 pts
10.  OGMeanMachine                        65 pts

Tier 2

1.  Terminator Kid            79 pts
2.  Treezy                         69 pts
3.  Drosje                      69 pts
4.  DarkFlame                   68 pts
5.  Della Mae                  67 pts
6.  Cajun                            67 pts
7.  Jus_S2                       56 pts
8.  YinYang PimpLord            52 pts
9.  CZ                                31 pts
10.  Achille Xena                   27 pts                                        


He'll be back!
To Tier 1 next week ...

It was and insane tier 2 yesterday afternoon.  6 Gold medal winners, and unbelievable amount of lead changes and Miley Cyrus performing at the halftime show.  

Indeed, a lot talent trying to crack into tier 1 next week.  In the end, it was Terminator Kid, grabbing a very hard earned 79 points, going to the big show.  He will be followed by newcomers Treezy and Drosje and fan favorite and hall of famer, Dark Flame09.